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in the summer of 2019 I got the opportunity to do a japanese lunch for five months in the wonderful bollwerk buvette by hellblau concepts. the concept of offering authentic japanese cuisine with a personal touch became an instant hit! and it was a huge motivation for opening a "real" izakaya!


what followed was a long search for a suitable location, which would allow me to scale up the successful pilot project into an actual restaurant. eventually i found something in the upcoming "gundeli" district. after running the renown chinese restaurant mandarin for 40 years, the owner was planning to retire and handed over the restaurant to me.

in collaboration with the ingenious interior architects of bravo ricky, and a fantastic team of craftsmen, friends and family, the restaurant was rebuilt in just a little bit more than a month and transformed into a japanese izakaya!

izakayas are a kind of gastropubs where meals (many of them for sharing) and beverages are enjoyed in a sociable atmosphere, which is why they are extremely popular in japan. often izakayas are small businesses named after the family owning them, which is also the case here with "miake" (三明) meaning three lights. this is why our logo shows three lanterns (a very typical decoration of such restaurants) with the inscription "izakaya" (居酒屋).


on saturday, september 19th 2020, we celebrated the inauguration of the restaurant, and since that day i am happy to welcome you together with my wonderful team. please come and visit us in our little japanese world!


your hosts,


toru fischbach & team miake izakaya

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